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Our Services Overview and Client Services Commitment

Please review each tab under this category for more information on most common customs brokerage services and their definition.  Please contact us specifically for any services that you may be in doubt of.  We'd also gladly offer consulting to the best of our knowledge and capactity to ascertain that the product you intent to import is not only permissible by CBP and any other OGA terms as applicable, but also that you as an importer are in full compliance in advance for a seamless importation process.

When it comes to expertise in customs brokerage, knowledge is most certainly power.  The implications that an importer may place themselves in unknowingly or perhaps knowingly could have consequences of all levels from minor to critical that could jeopardize not only your investment in the article being imported, but also in the success of all future importations.  It is important that your customs broker exercises great responsbility on their representation capacity as this will certainly determine the peace of mind of the import process and the continuity of importer business as a whole.  We are commited fully to error-free processes and we truly care about the well being and health of the importer's business status as far as CBP/OGA regulations and compliance terms concerned in your particular import.  

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