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USA  ISF requirements

U.S.A.  Import Security Filing

       -- Also Called  ISF  10 + 2 --


* Requirements apply only for seafreight shipments moving to U.S. Ports. Containers moving via Canada or Mexican ports to U.S. Destinations are currently exempt.


* So-called  "ISF Importer" is responsible and liable - in case of DDP shipments, the supplier is the ISF Importer.


* ISF enforcement begins on January 26th, 2010:

         * Meanwhile, no penalties during implementation phase.

         * The  ISF importer is expected to start filing in 2009.  Failure to start early may be  

            considered when penalties will be applied after January 26th, 2010.

         * Penalties will be US$5,000.00 per Violation.


* ISF doesn't replace AMS.


* Supplier/Shipper can assist Buyer/Consignee by providing following documents and information 96 latest 72 hours prior to scheduled sailing. (ETS):

   - Commercial invoice and Packing LIst

   - Container stuffing location.

   - Consolidator/container stuffer


Import Security Filing (ISF 10+2)

Enforcement date: January 26th, 2010

ISF Importer is responsible for filing following data elements 24 hours prior to loading of container on board vessel at port of loading.

• Seller‘s name and complete address

• Buyer‘s name and complete address

• ISF Importer IRS or customs assigned number

• Consignee IRS number


To be filed 24 hours prior to loading of container on board vessel at port of loading but can be modified until 24 hours prior vessel arrival at port of discharge

• Manufacturer‘s name and complete address

• Ship-to name and address

• Country of origin

• US-HTS number (min. 6-digit)


To be filed latest until 24 hours prior to vessel arrival at port of discharge:

• Consolidator name and address

• Complete container stuffing location

Data to be reported by Shipping Line:

• Container stowage plan

• Container status



Requiremets for ISF importer
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